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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I got paid to shop!

No, this is not one of my mystery shops. I made a killing at Walgreens today. I got everything in the picture for $31.81 including tax after all my coupons. That's not the great part. No, sireeee.T he absolutely fantastic part is that I am getting $34.08 back in rebates! So, I was paid $2.27 to take all this stuff home! Score!!!! Stuff like this makes the hoarder in me oh, so happy.
3x Garnier Frctis 40 oz @6.99 ea
1x L'oreal Revitalift @ 16.49
4x Paper-Mate mechanical Pencils @4 for $1 (not in picture because they were confiscated by my girls)
1x Revlon Nail Polish
1x Storage Bags
1x Per Plus 25.4 oz @ 4.99
1x St. Ives Body Wash @ 3.29


Days like These! said...


I love bargain shopping. Getting paid to do it too? Even better :)

Melissa said...

You are my kind of girl! I got about $60 worth of food for $17 yesterday, and I felt positively lightheaded as I left the store!

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