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Monday, September 29, 2008

More Cake!

One more month and I am done with the Wilton courses. This is the final cake for course 3. I still love how they taste but it this one, in particular was a lot of work. I rolled out the fondant a bit too thin, since I really do not like the taste. So it didn't come out as smooth as it should have. But whatever. It's a practice cake. Danny took the bottom tier to work. There were only 8 guys/girl at the station. They polished it off in one day. Everyone at the station wants me to continue taking classes. Bunch of fatties. Bottom tier was rum & top tier was lemon with lemon cream cheese filling. I had a tiny piece of each. :)


Melissa said...

I sure could've used your help on all my cupcakes tonight. That cake looks fantastic!

Rachel said...

Yep, I agree I think you should continue on the cake classes.

Awesome work!!!

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