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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let the gouging begin!

They might as well go at my eyes with an icepick! I drove by the gas station last night but I was too tired to stop. Regular was at 3.73 which is ridiculous as it is. Today, it was 3.99. They probably had a little man wating to climb up and change it, the minute that Ike hit! Oh, I just found this. Go ahead. read it. I will wait.

So tell me, is this happening just in Florida?


Days like These! said...

Little man waiting!

That made me giggle.

Yeah, gas is crazy on this side of town too.

I remember when it went from 89 to 99 cents in a month.

People were SHOOK!!

Yeah, those were the good days!~

Melissa said...

Oh, no, dear - at one gas station (the one I can see from my office) it went up 15 cents within a matter of minutes.

Thankfully, I understand the damage to the refinery infrastructure wasn't too bad!

Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh thats crazy!

Damselfly said...

I think watching gas prices could be a bonafide spectator sport. What do you bet there are people betting on what the price is going to be? :)

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