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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have a momma bird and a papa bird making a nest on my ceiling fan. The girls and I sat and watched from our bay window. And I, of course, had to narrate for entertainment purpose. The male bird would fly off lookin for twigs to build the nest. 95% would fall to the floor. Being the typical male, instead of picking up what he dropped, he would go out in search of more twigs.

The female would occasionally stand up and walk around the small area. Probably thinking to herself that that condo is just not gonna do! Too small! "How does he expect me to live here? The housing market is slow, I'm sure we can find some place roomier! We have that crappy stimulus coming in any day now. Too bad, we won't get any $$ for these new babies!"

There is not really much of a nest up there yet. My friend, who I call Dr. Doolittle, suggested that we make sure there aren't any eggs up there, then turn on the fan when thebirds are away. She says that it is not a very good spot for a nest. Especially since we will be having a Memorial Day shindig next weekend and in our mid 90's weather, those fans are a necessity! I bet the papa bird chose the location! The picture were taken from my window and apparently it's not as clean as I thought!


Damselfly said...

Oh so cute! Those are common doves. We have a bunch of 'em -- but not nesting on our ceiling fans, thank goodness!

tAnYeTTa said...

Family and Fish start to stink after three days and must go! The doves must go now! Ok, I have issues.

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