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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gas & Crap

It takes alot to get me mad. And like I have mentioned many times before, this gas crap is making me raging mad! I pulled up to the line to pump gas at BJ's. I haven't seen lines like that since our last hurricane watch. Anyhoo, the sign in the front, the sign on the wall, and the sign at the pump said $3.59. When I start pumping, I see that I am pumping at $3.61. So I go and ask the girl in the glass cave, and she said that the price went up right now but she has not had time to change the signs. So, while I was in line it went up. Which I don't understand because they were not getting a new delivery or anything, so what ever fuel was in there, they paid a lower price for. But whatever. This was Tuesday by the way. On Wednesday, I pass by in the morning, it was at $3.61, at about 3PM it was $3.63 and at 8PM it was 3.65. Today we're at $3.89.
I complain about this to my real life friends on a daily basis, so I figure that I would share some of the whining with my internets!

I so wish that I lived somewhere else. Or at least that we had better mass transit options. THis situation is way out of control. I'm not saying that we are poor because I know that others have it way worse. But we are heading towards it a a high rate of speed. I have doctor appointments all next week and am considering calling to cancel because it would probably cost me sooo much just to get there and back! Forget about the road trips that I love to take too.

In other news, I finally got a Bag of Crap! Do you know anyone that is happy to get crap? Well now you do! After several years of buying stuff on Woot, I finally scored a Bag of Crap! I have my fingers crossed for good crap! Some have received Roombas or MP3 Players I really, really want a Scooba. But with my luck, my crap will be real crap! But regardless, it will be a surprise. And ya'll know how I LOVE surprises! When I get it I will post my crap. In the meantime google "Woot crap" and you're bound to find quite a bit of the crap that others have gotten. If m crap turns out to be really bad crap, at least I'll have something to give my MIL for Christmas!


Rachel said...

I hear you on the gas! We are paying over $4.25 for diesel in Colorado. CRAZY!!!

I hope you take pictures of your Bag of Crap. I am intrigued about this.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I know! Even with our hybrid we are paying up the nose. So frustrating when Exxon had an 11 billion dollar profit and Bush will veto some new bill about gas company profits.....

Damselfly said...

I've never heard of the Bag of Crap, but, uh, all right if you say so! ;)

My husband put $100 of gas into his tank, when the pump automatically shut off. He still didn't have a full tank!

Happy Mother's Day!

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