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Monday, May 19, 2008

At least I got a car wash

Today we got a little rain. When I say little, I mean it drizzled for about 3 minutes. We need way more than that. The grass fires are still burning. The car in the picture is black. Really. It's just covered in ashes. Our ubber smart county officials have issued an air quality warning. Duh! Do they think that we are living under a rock and have not been breathig the stuff for the past week or so? My eyes are really bothering me too.
The rain is probably waiting for our little shindig on Sunday! It never fails.


Melissa said...

Poor thing - ours isn't that bad, but we have pollen all over everything!

Hope you get some more rain soon!

Sheila said...

We've been pretty lucky with our rain. We've been getting quite a lot, but it's not continuous - we do get a break with the sun once in a while! :) But it's nice not to have to water the things we recently planted. Mother Nature is doing it for us!

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