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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mommy's Day!

I totally meant to post yesterday wishing all mommy's a Happy Day but the day went by so fast! We had a quiet day. Went to see my mom and actually spent the day there. Danny worked till 7 then we all went to Carraba's for dinner. My 19 year old baby made a card for me with her handprints on it. She printed her name and wrote Age 19. I have another just like it from her, but it says age 4! I'll say it aain, They.grow.up.too.fast!

Anyhoo, this week is going to be a busy one. Kari's prom is on Saturday and we still need some last minute things. Plus pre-prom is at our house. Speaking about prom, did ya'll see this? What do you think? My kid would not have gotten past the front door like that!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Good to know you had a great Mother's Day! And I agree about that dress - did that girl stop to think about the effect it would have on the men around her? I'm not saying that women who are assaulted are "asking for it" when they dress provocatively, but we need to realize how men's brains are wired!

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