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Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have been a mom for a very long time So I have been through a slew of motherhood moments. Each one a learning experience & each one makes me so happy to be a mom. OK, 99.9999% of them! Along the way, I also realized that not only do I LOVE being a mom, but that the reason that I consider myself to be a good mom is because I learned from the best. I learned from example. I learned from my mom. I can only hope that when my girls are moms they feel the same way about me.

So the reason for this post is because 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a photo contest about what motherhood means to you. Aside from their actual birth, which was monumental on all accounts, motherhood to me is the little moments. The little moments that you have every single day of your life. 525,600 moments a year. The sleepless nights. The funny things that the kids say or do. The kissing of the boo boos. The endless questions. And the "I can't believe you did that! moments"

So, my entry into this contest is this. They're not professional shots. Or anything that really means anything to anyone but me. I love these pictures because I remember that day clearly. Like it was yesterday. It was a mommy moment for me. One of the many that I just couldn't help but grab my camera. The victim will be 18 this month and the culprit is 19. Until this day, we are still having "moments".


tAnYeTTa said...

What a great post! I hope you win ;)

Melissa said...

That was cute - I guess they'll always be our "babies," won't they?

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