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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Diets Suck!

I decided to try the Fat Flush Plan, because supposedly a) it works & b) you're supposedly learning to eat differently. Well, I can't do it right. I'm trying but I don't eat eggs, seafood or veggies. I tried to force down eggs and I couldn't do it. I also bought & made a spahetti squash, that's another no go. I also am having a hard time eating all the times that I'm supposed to. I don't really care for food much, just give me cake! Seriously though, I am doing great with my water consumption PLUS I have not had a Diet Coke in 7 days! So for that I am proud of myself! Aside from my Diet Coke withdrawl headache the first 2 days, I feel fine. I haven't had a real "sweets" cravings yet but there is still time, that is my one weakness.

We leave for California in 2 weeks. At that time all bets are off. I do not diet on vacation! So, it seems like I will be doing Phase 1 after vacation too!

In other not very interesting news but outrageous enough for me to mention. We are in the process of finding a company to paint our house. We found this company at the home show which claims their "coating" lasts a lifetime and prevents, mold, mildew, cracks etc. The sales guy was here for a freaking 3 hours!!! First number he gives us is 27K! What the heck?? He then says that we get 25% off from the home show. Yahoo! That brings us down to aboout 20K. When he saw that we weren't biting, in typical "car salesman" style he says "Let me call my manager and see what he says. Comes back with $14,800. No go on that. He finally said rock bottom $12,900. You know, Danny thought really hard about it because it sounds like a good product with a lifetime guarantee (although it's double what it would cost to just paint) plus they have a 1 yr interest free plan. But when Danny asked to let us think about it and go over our finances, the guy says that the price he gives us is only good for today. Oh well buddy, you just wasted 3 hours! He would have saved so much time by giving us a price from the beginning! Plus I hate it when they beat around the bush, just give me the real price from the get go! 27K? how would I tell Kat that she can't go to college because we need to "coat" the house???


Nadine said...

My coworker tried that diet and she did lose 10 lbs. I agree I don't like diets...I pray you have success. Have fun on vacation and I agree no diets on vacation.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

They don't deserve to have your business! If a deal is good today, it's good tomorrow.
We spent just under $4000 and it's guaranteed for 10 yrs.

kailani said...

I've never heard of this one but sounds like you're off to a great start! Good luck!

Kristen said...

Diets are rough...it seems like the second I start thinking about dieting is the second I can't stop thinking about food.

I am with you on the no dieting on vacation...how do people do that? Not me!

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