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Monday, April 16, 2007

Psycho Mommy on Board

One week & 2 days before we leave for California. I always get a bit anxious around this time before a trip. Not only because of the flight but because I am leaving my kids. I can hear my friends now. "Stop fooling yourself, they are not kids. One is an adult. Blah, Blah, Blah" They are my kids, my babies. I still worry and miss them.

Danny & I try to take trips on our own at least once a year. Actually, this only started about 7 years ago or so when the girls were a bit older. Not when they were really young. Except once. We went on a weekend cruise when my oldest was only one and I was pregnant w/ my 2nd. Highly recommended by everyone for "alone time". Actual time away 2 1/2 days. We spent a major part of the cruise talking about the baby to each other & to whoever would listen! People were probably hiding from the psycho parents. It got to the point that my arms literally hurt from not holding her. We were laying out on this beautiful private island, having yummy (virgin) froo froo drinks. This bahamian lady walks by selling some necklaces & stuff and trailing behind her is this tiny baby girl about my daughter's age. If they thought that I was psycho before, they had not seen anything yet. I begged Danny to ask her if I coould hold the baby. I'm actually telling him to give her money to let me hold the baby! I remember that I was practically crying. Psycho I tell ya! He wouldn't do it, but could you imagine!

At this stage, I still miss them when we're apart but I'm not that extreme! The girls actually like when we leave because my mom comes over to stay with them. They prefer her cooking. Only because she actually does cook! So it's a vacation for them too.


Damselfly said...

Hey, I hope you have a fun trip. I would really be a psycho away from my baby right now. Every time my husband and I would leave before the baby, I would be all like, "I hope the cats are OK. Do you think the cats are OK? Do you think they have enough to eat?" and on and on. Away from my baby would be like that times a thousand!

kailani said...

I know what you mean. I always offer to hold the babies when the mommies on my flight need help.

Sheila said...

I'm the same way. I've actually never taken a trip without the kids, but I can only imagine what a basket case I'd be! I start to miss them and worry even if they're away for a sleepover or something! It doesn't matter how old they are... they're always my babies!

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