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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prom Headache

Kat & I went shopping for prom dresses today. Originally we were going to have a dress made but the seamstress' arthritis is acting up so she is not working. We decided to go see what's out there. We found that there is not much! The store bought dresses aren't very well made plus they are very expensive. On top of all that, since Kat is vertically challenged like me, we would have to pay to get it altered as well. So we came home empty handed and now we are on a mission to find a seamstress that can make her dress in 2 weeks. It doesn't help that we are leaving to California on Wednesday, so we need to get this done by Tuesday.

Now for a quick parenting rant. While we were at lunch, we had to sit through our meal with the kid at the table next to us running around and crawling under tables. At one point he found a piece of bread under another table and ate it. Then he almost tripped the waiter who was holding a tray loaded with food. All the while the parents did nothing totally oblivious to the angry glares from everyone around them. They just sat there perusing the menu. I am a mom, my kids were little once upon a time... they NEVER did anything like that.

I am off to watch the Amazing Race. Still rooting for Danny & Oswald, they crack me up!

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Jamie said...

I too LOVE the amazing race. I am rooting for the blondes though even though I know everyone gives them a hard time. I think they play hard and are very competative! But you are right, Danny & Oswald crack me up!

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