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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Break Comes to an End

Although technically it is the girls' Spring Break, reap some benefits as well. I don't have to drag myself out of bed and drive them to school. I get to sleep an extra hour or so and that makes me happy. On the other hand, every thing around here goes back on schedule. I have been slacking on stuff that needs to get done around here and I usually am good about getting it done. Routine can sometimes be good.

It's been a lazy week, but it's time to get back to normal. I layed out by the pool trying to even out my farmers tan that I aquired at the Ellen taping last week. It didn't help much. I guess SPF 30 decided to wor for once. By the way those 2 white hills in the picture are my knees!


kailani said...

What a beautiful day! Your knees look funny in the photo! Not funny looking, just funny! LOL!

Nadine said...

Back to normal...that's no fun. I like the picture.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture, lol. Before I read the post, I thought it was a structure of some sort, lmao.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I thought they were your boobs! LOL
just teasing.

Damselfly said...

Fun shot!

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